DTAC Workers in Thailand unite to form union

The meeting adopted the union constitutions and elected a twenty members Executive Committee including Yuthapong Umapornskul as President and Wuthiwat Kummasarn as General Secretary. 

The founding meeting adopted a resolution committing the DTAC WU members to co-operate closely to recruit upto 20% of the workers in DTAC Thailand in the very near future, into the DTAC WU. This is necessary to enable the DTAC WU to negotiate with the Management for a collective agreement that will include provisions for better terms of employment, improve working conditions, job security and better Occupational Health and Safety protection for all employees. The resolution also call upon the DTAC WU leadership to set up a DTAC WU website and to retain a lawyer to provide legal services to the members.

The meeting also adopted a resolution to seek affiliation with UNI Global Union and to join with other Communications Workers Unions in Thailand, particularly the SEWU CAT, SEWU TOT and SEWU Thailand Post to establish a Communications Labour Federation in Thailand.

The DTAC WU look forward to work in partnership with the management to grow DTAC’s business and improve the employment terms and working conditions for all employees. 

Source: http://www.uniglobalunion.org/Apps/uni.nsf/pages/domainsearchen?OpenDocument&exURL=http://www.uniglobalunion.org/catalog.nsf/SearchResults?SearchDomain&Query=(telenor)&SearchOrder=3&SearchWV=TRUE&SearchThesaurus=FALSE&SearchFuzzy=FALSE&Start=1&Count=10&SearchEntry=ResultEntry

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