DTAC Workers in Thailand unite to form union

Workers from DTAC, a private telecommunication operator in Thailand, have come to together to form the DTAC Workers’ Union. DTAC Workers' Union is the first private telecommunications company to be organised in Thailand and is seeking affiliation to UNI Global Union.
Ninety eight DTAC workers participated at the founding meeting held at the Travellers Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand on 2nd March 2013. 

Telenor’s policy on freedom of association

Telenor Group recognizes the freedom of association among its employees, i.e. the freedom to join or not to join unions. Telenor respects both national labour laws and internationally recognized regulations and guidelines, such as ILO fundamental conventions, OECD Guidelines for multinational Enterprises and UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UN “Protect, Respect and Remedy” framework).

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GPEU is going to celebrate initial “Demand Achievement Day” of the Union tomorrow (26th Sep, 2012, Wednesday at 1:15 pm) in GP House L1. All of the members are invited to attain this celebration and show gratitude to the Management not for the percentage of the increment, but for the initial achievement of our demands (e.g. i. stop ongoing retrenchment, ii. Review increment, iii. CPO has gone, commit to revise HSSE, pregnant women have not terminated, etc.)


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