Collective Agreement Telenor D.O.O

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0 #2 Md. Tanvir Hasan Khan 2012-11-21 05:52
where is the constitution of GPEU ? it should be tag in our website.
+1 #1 Mia Md. Shafiqur Rah 2012-09-17 17:25
GP management discourages and creates obstacles to form our Union. But in survia, Telenor (Telenor D.O.O) and the union executed a collective agreement stating the parties’ roles, duties and responsibilitie s. Pls. go through the article 13 of this agreement regarding “Relations with Trade Union” in where the trade union can play its vital role. Why not in Bangladesh? Except the Trade Union right, Telenor implemented various common policies in various counties. Why is Telenor playing duel role/policy regarding Union in various countries especially in our country and in Asia? So, No compromise, we want our right to form Trade Union for the welfare of the employees and the company.

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